Pugmania was Pugtastic!

Seattle Pug Rescue‘s annual event ‘Pugmania’ last Saturday was a blast nonpareil.

By the end of the day my face hurt from laughing and smiling so much. I met so many adorable pugs and their wonderful, warm owners that it just filled me with joy all day. If I learned only one thing from Saturday it’s that pugs are quite possibly the most loving, affectionate and joyful breed as a whole out of any breed in existence.

My trigger finger was working overtime. I think I took over 700 pictures at the event. Which was very easy to do because apparently there were over 1,000 people and their pugs there. I was totally shocked at the massive turnout! Because I had a hard time picking my favorite images I am sharing a whole bunch with you guys here.

For those who don’t share my undying love for pugs, my apologies but you’ll just have to deal! 😉

This post is for Melissa and Emmitt.   

Scooter below; completely blind but still manages to find his way straight into your arms for love and affection and to give you kisses with his long, long tongue. Scooter is currently being fostered and is available for adoption! He is SO super sweet! I don’t have words to express how awesome this guy is. So happy and gets around GREAT, even without his sight. I was shocked when his foster mom told me he was blind- you’d never know.

Remember Charlotte’s Web?

Sharing booth space with CityDog Magazine. There is my ancient banner that rarely sees the light of day.  

Brandie Ahlgren getting loved up by a little girl in a pink bow that matched Brandie’s sweatshirt.  

Bowie, as in David. Can you say “man that dog is unreasonably cute”?

There were a lot of costumes there that day (they even had a costume ‘contest’), but this one made me laugh out loud consistently. I still crack up when I see it.  

Hee hee hee, whoo hoo…

Bowie and his girlfriend wrestling. This went on for at least 10 minutes. It was so cute to watch. They are both around 5 months old.
This darling girl (also at the beginning of this post) touched my soul every time I saw her. Something in her eyes….
I think pugs are so beautiful.
Eeeeee! It’s Luna, the cutest pug there! Sorry, I loved all of the pugs, but in my objective opinion she blew the cuteness meter off the charts!
The little red tags say ‘Rescue Pug’ and the year they were rescued.
The smiling boy on the right is the only grey pug I have ever seen. A true genetic anomaly according to his mom.
This adorable little guy is a pug-shitzu mix. (Did I get that right?)

This next shot below was pretty much the view all day. This is one of my favorites from the day.
Yep, it’s a puggle. 🙂 He was a bit shy until he learned I had yummy treats for him. He then hung onto that table for dear life until he thought the treats had all been consumed. Cracked me up.

It’s Luna again! Eeeeeeeee!!!
This next guy is Slingshot. He charted his own course through the agility equipment, dodging other pugs and people’s feet. We were all impressed until we realized he was sans-escort. Someone stepped on his leash to keep him from heading off on his next adventure and I scooped him up and agreed to babysit until we found his rightful owner. Man, was he hard to give back once the owner was found. Slingshot was such a little lover boy. Just melted into my arms. Sigh…
Don’t know who these little guys are below but they sure are characters aren’t they?
Shark costumes! Ah ha ha, hee hee… (see the gallery link at the end of this post for all of the shots of costumes)
Bowie as Robin (his buddy Batman was off fighting crimes against pugs).
Oh man I had so much fun! And to think that I wasn’t going to go because I was exhausted. The event was totally energizing, and all of that love just filled me up inside. I’m so glad I went!
To see all of the 310 photos from the event please visit my gallery below.

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