D’Ogi puppy

D’Ogi (pronounced Dee Oh Gee- as in how you spell DOG), is a darling little schnauzer puppy who had his big, exciting photo shoot day with me recently.

D’Ogi was a blast- making friends with everyone at the park, including a group of young girls who were having a picnic. I was struggling to shoot him in the full, bright sun, (dark colored energetic puppy + heavy bangs + bright sun = tough times for the pet photographer) so we eventually moved into the shade, where his true personality came out.

Tell me he’s not an adorable puppy.

SCORE!! Young hungry puppy + massive picnic spread = true bliss

It’s simply impossible for me to grow tired of blue sky shots. Hopefully you feel the same way too! You will be seeing these regularly on my blog. I guess you could call it a full-blown obsession.

Puppies tend to get tangled very easily (note the leash around his toy)

Dogi’s favorite toy is called ‘roadkill’ because , well, that’s exactly what it looks like.

Insert JAWS theme song here. This was the moment when we discovered D’Ogi’s foot fetish. After that he went to town on Christina’s shoes; jumping on them, chewing on them, playing with them, as evidenced by the series of shots below. I couldn’t pick just a few so I am sharing the whole batch. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.

Note the shoelace in puppy’s mouth.

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