poor fergie

Sometimes while I am working my dear doggie daughter disappears.

Usually she is right under my feet- so close that I literally can’t scoot my chair out without being in danger of rolling over her foot/leg/tail. I have to contort my body and climb over her to get to my desk.

Every once in awhile I will notice that she is nowhere to be seen. This happened today about an hour ago.

Where did I find her?

check it out:

Yep, that IS the bathroom floor.

She normally only goes in there when I am having an argument with the Epson printer (anger scares her), but today there was no argument. I have however, been having a frustrating afternoon, and I suspect she sensed that and got scared and decided to hide in the bathroom. Either that or she isn’t feeling so hot from her frisbee-chasing flips this morning at the park. (She landed pretty hard a couple of times.)

Normally there is a nice cushy white bath rug for her to lay on. Today? No rug, sniff.

Poor Fergie.

Now she is in my office with me, sleeping like a baby at my feet.

Side note to Jill: yes, I have been using a flash lately. Sometimes that is. Not completely sold on the idea yet, but I have a lot of experimenting to do. It’s the Canon 580 EX II, used with I believe the same diffuser you have. Holy cow, I just looked at Amazon and it has come down in price about $75 since I bought it about a month ago… wow…

Anyhoo, here I used the flash alone (no diffuser), for these shots taken in my dark bathroom with no lights on (nor in the hallway either). Meaning, it was dark. Very dark. The flash did an awesome job. I had to figure out where to bounce it off of and was surprised to see that the best look for this situation came from bouncing it straight off the wall to my left. I love the flash so I look forward to using it more for indoor shoots.

Poor Fergie. So hard being a dog. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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