Fergie wants a kitten.

But sadly I’m allergic. Not anaphylactic shock allergic, but stuffy, sneezy, watery, itchy after 24 hours allergic. In other words, mildly allergic. But still doesn’t feel good after spending the night with a kitty.

So for months now I have been trying to remember to do a google search for ‘hypoallergenic cats’, and finally just did after returning from one of Fergie’s modeling gigs (yes, she is becoming an in-demand model).

Well guess what? I found a kitty!

It’s produced by a company called ‘Lifestyle Pets’, it’s called an Ashera, and it’s priced at $27,000.

images copyright Lifestyle Pets

They are really beautiful exotic looking cats that look like mini leopards and weigh up to 25 pounds. I’m sure Fergie would just adore having one as a buddy (she loves cats).

If you want the Royal Ashera cat the cost is $125,000. There are a range of varieties and prices from $27,000 to $125,000.

They also have dogs too: the ‘Titan’ Family Protection Dog- a high-end German Shepherd, and the hypoallergenic ‘Jabardi GD’ that looks like a Westie. The standard Titan is $85,000, the Protector Ultra Titan is $120,000, and the Jabardi GD is only $15,000.

They claim that they have been able to combine genetic material from divergent genes in dogs who don’t produce the allergenic protein with material from dogs who do, to produce the hypoallergenic dog. In other words, a mutated gene that has a human benefit with a normal gene that doesn’t, to make the mutated gene dominant, thus, eliminating the protein that causes the allergy.

Dogs and cats can be ordered now and delivered in 12 months. You can even read testimonials on their website.

I’m not making this up folks! Go check it out here:

Lifestyle Pets

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