Fergie Kinnear Park

Boy, the weather during this shoot was quite a bit different than it was today. Snowing in Seattle at the moment! Isn’t this supposed to be spring? Luckily we are back to warmer sunny weather by Monday. Darn, this means I’ll need to reschedule my shoot for tomorrow. Hmpf…

Fergie at upper Kinnear Park, her new favorite playground. This session was an experiment. I played around with the settings on my camera: saturation, contrast, color balance, metering modes, etc. Not super crazy about the colors but some of the shots are kind of interesting. A different look for me for sure. Don’t think I’ll continue it…

But she sure is cute, isn’t she?

My favorite of the bunch.

“Hey! How’d those daisies get on my ball?!”

This one was massively photoshopped. In a client’s case it would have been a delete but since it’s my own daughter-dog I had to keep it. She makes me laugh.

Once again my apologies for the sparse posts. I promise I will provide some updates on what has been keeping me so busy soon!

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