Dozer’s art finds a home

Dozer’s mom Angie emailed me after they brought their art piece home from the CityDog Magazine art show thanking me for the art and letting me know that they were waiting to finish remodeling before they could hang it.

Well yesterday she sent me an email saying that the triptych is up and in it’s permanent home, yay! She sent this awesome photo below of Dozer with his new art.

How cute is Dozer sleeping in front of his colorful likeness? Don’t you just want to curl up next to him and cuddle?

Darling Dozer dozing on the davenport.

If you are a client that has commissioned art or photography from me, snap a photo of your art or photography hanging on your wall(s) (doesn’t have to be a great pic!) and I’ll post it on my blog. I love receiving photos and emails from past clients; especially from their furkids.

Here is an email I received from my buddy Cooper back in 2005:

Dear Jamie. 

Sorry it has taken me so long to write you. What with my cousin’s HS
graduation, 4 days of daycare last week and just plain ol’ stuff, I’ve been
busy and or tired!

Wanted to let you know Mom & Dad put my pictures up on the wall and boy do I
look great!!!!! If I may say so myself. They must think so too since they
took down a Homer Winslow print for my pictures.

Thank you again for all your work and talents. Hope your gallery showing
well. And hope you got lots more customers at Lucky Dog today. It sure was a
nice day. But I wouldn’t know since I slept most of the day.

WWFN! (woof woof for now)

The Coop-man

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