Mannfred, Sapphire, Sasquatch, Hazel & P-Nut

I have been wanting to post these shots for weeks, but alas, I’ve been busy.

These 4 kitties and 1 pup were photographed by yours-truly in their home in Redmond on one wet day in February. As I know I have mentioned before on this blog, I truly love shooting cats.

Being surrounded by feline energy is so calming, and within about 10 minutes of being in the house, I was laying on my belly on the living room floor, snapping away with my Canon, my blood pressure down about 10 points. And just like every other kitty shoot, I wanted to stay there all day with them and nap on the floor in front of the fire.

And then there was Mannfred the pooch. Well, just look at his face. Do I really need to say anything about him? If you know anything about me you know I fell in love with the darling boy. Mannfred is super-duper uber sweet. Gentle, shy, loving boy. He’s rad.

Hazel, all about play- just like Fergie. They’d get along great.

mmm, catnip.

Sapphire. She has amazing eyes.

Hazel & Mannfred, both getting in on the action.

Sasquatch. Her feet are like furry slippers.

Hazel (front), Sasquatch (back). This shot was processed like crazy because it was so dark, but I wanted to post it because it cracks me up. Check out Hazel’s ‘pillow belly’.

Do you see Sasquatch’s furry slipper feet?

I pulled out my catnip bubbles from my bag of tricks but mostly the kitties just stared at them, then jumped away in disgust when one would land on their nose.

Mannfred (left), P-Nut (right). The two boys of the house.

Is P-Nut handsome or what? His parents told me that if he were a movie star, living or dead, he’d be Marlon Brando.

Poor Mannfred was very afraid of the camera (seems to be going around lately) and this was the first point in the shoot where he started to trust me. I must have made some noise to get the head tilt. Gawd he’s cute.

One of P-Nut’s favorite things to do is drink water out of the sink. I wasn’t convinced I’d get this shot, but my Canon did great handheld in the bathroom without a flash. I had to do some color balancing but I’m happy with it. Yipee!

Ah, I love this shot of P-Nut. Not only is he a handsome boy, but his personality is as cool as his looks. Like a 1920’s movie star. Love P-Nut.

Hazel, more playtime.

Poor P-Nut. It sucks to be embarrassed like that. But the humans thought it was hilarious. I still laugh when I see it.

Mannfred’s corgi impression.

Mannfred’s little kid impression.

I dig this shot with the fence and gate. Plus you can see his little swirly-butt, which is a fave among dog owners.

More shots in the woods. The green moss looked fantastic with Mannfred’s brindle fur.

Mannfred completely figured out what was expected of him during the photo shoot. Not only did he get over his fear of the camera, but he started busting out moves like this Burt Reynolds pose. A total pro.

Hope you enjoyed the pics of Mannfred, Hazel, P-Nut, Sasquatch and Sapphire!

More images to come soon.

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