Vote for me…. please. :-)

Do you feel sorry for me? No? Well, I do. Why? Because I had to go and vote for myself on the 2008 Blogger’s Choice Awards website. 1 vote, from me, for best photography blog. Pretty pathetic, eh?

Not that I’m the only blog who has a mere uno vote; in fact there seem to be hundreds of pages of photography blogs with 1 or zero votes. (So sad!)

I’d love to see that little number under ‘total votes’ change to something like, say, 6 or 7, or 23, or even 49.

Now, I know that I stand about a .00000002139 % chance of coming anywhere near the Pioneer Woman’s rank, but at least I can try to go from page 27 to page 12. or 7.

Do you love this blog? Can’t live without it? No? Uhhh, do you have time on your hands you need to waste? Feel sorry for me? Don’t have anything better to do? Yes? No? Well which one is it darnit? Oh just go vote!

Go vote for the Cowbelly Dog Blog here:

My site was nominated for Best Photography Blog!


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