Brady & Chopper Decopaw art

Brady and Chopper are two adorable boxers that I had the joy to work with (their photos anyway) in December for a Christmas gift for their dad from their mom.

Last week I designed some cafepress products that were to be a Valentines Day gift for their dad. (Boy, dad’s getting all the loot!). I finally wanted to share their proofs and the super sweet comments their mom sent me, along with recent pics of the boys. I swear I have the best clients in the world!

Here are the boys’ images that I worked with, nice large file sizes, which I love:



And here is the proof their mom ended up ordering for their canvas:

And below is my personal fave of the proofs I designed. It’s pretty different from most pieces I do. I think I like it because the colors are unusual.

And two shots of the cutie-pies that their mom sent me. Chopper the white puppy is apparently ‘growing like grass’. Fergie and I get to go to their birthday party in the spring and meet them in person. We’re very excited.

Brady and Chopper’s mom’s comment on their art:

“Thanks so much! My boyfriend loves his present!! He said it’s the best present he’s ever gotten. It’s hanging in perfect place in the entry area and is the first thing we get to see before we leave for work & when we come home! Everyone has complimented your artwork and our friends just love it!”


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