Maggie & Pumpkin

These pics are a sneek-peak for Maggie and Pumpkin’s mom. It will take me a couple more days yet to sort through the images from our shoot last weekend and get them online but I know their mom is excited to see them so I wanted to give her a sneak-peek.

These girls are Maggie and Pumpkin. Maggie is the darling white and brindle pitbull mix, and Pumpkin her cute-as-a-button Daschund mix little sister. They live in Magnolia and have a beautifully decorated house- a photographer’s dream.

This shoot was super fun but also challenging for a couple of reasons. One, I could have used auxiliary lighting because it was so dark ouside (finally buying a flash this week, although I wouldn’t have been able to use it for this shoot for the reasons below), and two- Maggie was very fearful of the camera. Every time I got even a little bit close to her with the camera she would bark at me, and if I really got too close to her she would lunge at me and go for my camera- not to attack me but to warn me. And I am convinced that she was telling her little sister Pumpkin “don’t trust that big black thing! I swear it will steal your soul!!”, which really made me laugh. The two shots above are Maggie warning me: “don’t even think about it sister”.

BUT, as you can see from the 3 shots above, the shoot went great, and Maggie was able to relax after a little bit of my patented ‘camera meet dog, dog meet camera’ training. She really did great and I had an awesome time at the shoot even given the challenges, because a) dogs don’t scare me and b) I knew Maggie wasn’t really serious (well, at least not really, really serious). My experience with dogs and knowledge of animal behavior were invaluable in this situation. I felt totally relaxed the whole time. Plus, as cute as they are, how could you not fall in love with these girls?

Ok, admittedly, in the shot above Maggie does look like she wants to take my head off, no?

And Pumpkin, is she one of the cutest little pups you have ever seen? Her personality was as sweet as her looks and I swear I could have stayed there all day (practically did) giving Pumpkin neck scratches and Maggie belly rubs.

Hope you enjoyed Maggie and Pumpkin as much as I enjoyed photographing them!

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