Astro the Great

Astro’s shoot was on Saturday at my favorite place for dog photography in Seattle- the Olympic Sculpture Park on the waterfront.

I was reluctant to book the shoot for Saturday because it was supposed to be a mix of rain/snow, but we went for it anyway and were so glad we did! It ended up being completely dry out.

As should be obvious from his images, Astro is a great dane; just a puppy at 18 months, with a goofy puppy personality, and so fun to photograph. He is a beautiful blue dane, with fur that is not unlike a weimeraner’s; a sort of mix between blue and brown.

I will also be designing Decopaw art of Astro and will try and remember to post that here once the proofs are done.

I’m hoping one of these head-tilt shots will be used for our art piece.

The OSP has some really cool backdrops.

I love his swirly ears in this shot.

This is my new favorite image. Isn’t he handsome?

I love Astro’s big floppy ears. They are so soft.

Funny/Scary story:
At one point his collar popped off and he thought it would be fun to run away from us and play ‘keep away’. Neither I nor his mom thought it funny, but he thought it was a riot, jumping and frolicking around, waiting in a play bow until we almost got him, then bouncing off again, with all of the park visitors laughing at him and us. Well, all except the two guys running with their lab, who about had a heart attack when they saw Astro bounding toward them. Sorry guys! He really did just want to play!

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