Puccini triptych

Last week I had major artist’s block. It happens every so often for reasons that are beyond me. I find that my creative juices slow to a crawl, and I stare at my computer, not even knowing where to start.

Most art pieces I design are a process, and the best proofs come through experimenting and sometimes even happy accidents. So it’s not always a bad thing when I don’t already have a design in mind.

The following proofs are an example of this.

I designed the black, white and red proof first, then the colorful proof was the 4th that I designed.

The black, white and red came from wanting to do an avante-garde design, which is something that Puccini’s mom likes. She then asked to see it with teal accents, which I did (not shown here) and then for the final proof I wanted to show her something a bit more colorful, hence the 2nd proof below.

The 3 panels represent the 3 sides of Puccini- the nature-loving side (left panel), the city street savvy side (middle) and home-loving side (right).

I’m anxious to hear what Puccini’s mom thinks of these new proofs!

(click on the images to make them larger- note the silhouette detail of Puccini on the bottom left of the 2nd proof- something I think I’ll do with all of my triptychs!)

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