Seattle Times/NWSource article on Seattle pet photographers and artists

I should have posted this on Monday when the article was published by I have been busy starting some art commissions for clients, including Darling Dozer and Puccini, and getting my sick Subaru Outback issues sorted out (bad head gaskets– bad, bad, very bad).

Anyhoo, the talented Lisa Wogan just wrote an article for the Seattle Times NWSource titled “Is Whiskers ready for her close-up? Take your pick of the pet-portrait litter with images in film, pixels and paint.”

It features some of the best Seattle-area professional pet photographers and dog artists, and yours-truly is included in the article. Yay. ๐Ÿ™‚

go here to read Lisa’s article.

Be sure to scroll through the images with the right arrow next to ‘more images’.

Oh and, by the way…

The same roster of talented gals will be participating in the first ever CityDog Magazine art gallery show, during the first Thursday artwalk in Pioneer Square in either February or March. I don’t know if Nancy Schutt has committed and I also don’t know if Susan McAliley will be there, but I do know that Bev, Emily, Nichole and myself will be. I am beyond excited as it is a dream come true to have my work in a serious gallery in Pioneer Square. Plus all of the gals I consider friends, so I know we are going to have fuu-uun. Can you say “after-party”?

Brandie is working on securing a space, which hopefully will be right on Occidental Square, and all of the details still need to be ironed out, including the date, but I promise to post more information here as soon as I know. I promise!

Also, look for an ad for the gallery show in the upcoming CityDog winter issue.

Good stuff!

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