Ziggy & Tina

It pains me deeply to leave this post.

You see, the big beautiful brindle boy in these photos is Ziggy. Although you really couldn’t tell save a slight limp, Ziggy was sick when we did the shoot (something that everyone was aware of) and he died just 48 short hours after our session.

Although not a surprise, given the fact that he had bone cancer, and knowing from personal experience that this type of cancer takes big dogs very very quickly (we’re talking days or weeks instead of months), his mom’s email notifying me of his passing 2 days later still broke my heart into pieces.

Even though we had just a short couple of hours together, his sweet spirit touched me in a way I will never forget. He reminded me so much of Fergie it was uncanny; the way he gently but insistently nudged my hand telling me not to stop petting him, the way he moved his body, the way he cocked his head when talked to, the look in his eyes.

Still looking at his photos now I feel like I know him; like I already knew him. It’s hard to explain and probably sounds somewhat woo-woo, but it’s there, and this boy will never be forgotten by me, and certainly not by those who knew and loved him. I feel, at least I hope, that I will see him again someday.

This first shot was a happy accident. My Canon was going wacko on me at the beginning of the shoot (ok it was probably user error) but I decided to keep a couple of funky shots of Ziggy.

This is Ziggy’s little sister Tina. The camera loved her. She was a little bit shy but every time I turned around she was near me smiling. Love Tina.

Ziggy had a great time at our shoot as he was allowed to run free on their property in Maple Valley, something he was unaccustomed to as the yard isn’t fenced. He was sooo happy, as you can tell from this shot.

You see that look in Ziggy’s eyes in the shot below? That is totally him, and one of the reasons why I so quickly fell in love with his gentle soul.

Tina has propeller ears. Or flying nun ears. Whichever you prefer.

I love how Ziggy is color-coordinated with his favorite chair.

Tina gives good smile, even when that is the only part of her that is in focus.

RIP sweet Ziggy.

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