I’m done!

Today I finished with my last 3 clients, and I just had my last holiday client leave moments ago from making their pickup.

10 days ago I think I had something like 22-24 clients I still needed to finish with, and remember that on a Monday I was starting to lose my mind a little bit. I don’t normally get too anxious because I have enough experience to know when my ‘time to panic’ deadlines are, and usually try to stay well away from them, but this year it came down to the wire on some things and I started to sweat.

But slowly but surely I narrowed it down to 17 clients.

Then 11.

Then just the final 4.

Then 3.

Then………… done!! Yipee!!

There is nothing better than the sense of both accomplishment and relief I feel right now and am thrilled that all went well (ok, not without a couple of total brain farts on my part), and am looking very forward to spending some quality time off the next two weeks (and of course, volunteering for Pasado’s on Christmas!).

YAY!! Whew…..

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