Titan Boston Terrier chillin in da crib

Super short on time. Much, much work and very little time. Sorry for the sparse posts lately. And my apologies to those who are waiting for a reply phone call or email from me. I promise to reach out to you tomorrow!

If anyone knows of a good cloner (one who can make copies of you), please forward their info on to me. Or suggestions on how to turn 24 hours into 36 would be nice too. I just need it for the next 3 weeks. Thank you.

This is Titan. I photographed him recently at his home on Queen Anne. He is funny. His photos have gone to my head. See for yourself. I need to sleep. Titan is cute. He gives good smile.

This post is for Rob and all of the nice folks on woofboard.com who have been following my blog.














I don’t have words to express how much I love his little lip……… nope, words escape me.












I told you Titan’s shots have gone to my head. I am hoping the Boston Terrier owners appreciate this shot.














Heyyy, now that’s a smiley dog. My kinda canine.



























I told you I needed to sleep.














“Whoa there little buddy!” Titan did this, briefly, very briefly, as I was bending down to put my camera away at the end of the shoot. I stood up again and said “ok- go”. And he gave me one more fleeting ‘high ten’. Which was really more like a wave. Like he was flagging down a UPS truck filled with doggy biscuits. Or steak.

I swear this wasn’t a trick of his. It just happened. Is this a Boston Terrier thing? Check out the little froggy legs. I love it.














Have a boston terrierrific week!

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