Pamperedpuppy review of Cowbelly’s Decopaw art in December 2007 issue

Words can’t describe how happy I am at this moment. Why?

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For those who don’t know what this means, my custom Decopaw art was selected for review by the popular (and fabulous), the ‘web’s largest online magazine and shopping portal devoted to luxury lifestyles for dogs’.

Each month pamperedpuppy selects a handful of products to review for it’s ‘Merryvaluations’ program. Merry is the adorable company mascot, and she gets to approve doggie products and throw in her two-cents worth.

The art review program is for Merry’s mommy, the talented, sweet as pie, and uber cool Angie McKaig. It’s Angie’s two cents that comprise the review. Of course, Merry obliges her mom by sitting pretty for a photo next to the completed art piece, lol.

Here is the backstory on this review:

Way back in the early fall (late summer?) of 2006 Angie and I were emailing on a totally unrelated subject, when she mentioned to me that she was starting a beta program of artists reviews for the monthly Merryvaluations program, and asked if I would be interested in having my Decopaw art reviewed. “Are you kidding?” I thought. “Absolutely of course YES!”. I felt so honored that she would even think of me, given the hundreds of talented pet artists out there.

So around this time last year we tried to start the process. She and I were both very busy so we played a little game of email tag, then decided it would be best for both of us to wait until 2007.

We reconnected again in February of this year, then went back and forth through email again for a couple of months and then started the process in May.

To make a very long story short, essentially life got in the way for both of us this summer, but we finally finished our art commission and I shipped off Merry’s canvas (that’s her in the art- how cute is she?!) to Angie in late September. Here is her winning proof, and two others that I designed. There is a 4th proof but it is a red Christmas one and just doesn’t go with the pink in this post, lol.








































Angie planned to post the review on December 1st, which, if I could have picked any day of the year to have my art reviewed, would have been the day. Just in time for the holidays, yipee!

Needless to say I am beyond thrilled with both the review and that I even had the opportunity in the first place. I actually cried when I read the review, and believe this is hands-down the best thing that has happened to Cowbelly/Decopaw in all of 2007.

I am so excited about this review and even more excited to share it with you, my blog audience.

And if you are a pamperedpuppy fan and have stumbled over here from my website, welcome! Hang around for awhile. You’ll find all kinds of doggie photos, colorful pet art, and other fun stuff on this blog. Feel free to leave comments, let me know you are here, ask questions, or just gander to your heart’s content.

Yay for pamperedpuppy!!! 🙂

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