Diablo, Chico and Pucci chichi boys

These adorable boys were photographed by yours-truly recently at Pioneer Square, one of my favorite locations for dog photography for my slightly edgier clients. These boys’ mom was no exception and we totally hit it off. She’s awesome and her boys? Just as cool. I mean, how many dogs can pull off a puffer jacket and still look thoroughly hip?

Chico. First shot of the shoot.














Chico and his brother Pucci. I always calls pets who live in the same household siblings, but in this case these guys are actually littermates.










Diablo, the older, non-littermate brother. More on that below.














I do not recommend this move when trying to get ahead in life. 😉














Pucci, the guy with the most personality. They reminded me of the Outsiders. Pucci would have been Two-Bit, Diablo would have been Johnny and Chico would have been Ponyboy.














Great minds think alike, and apparently at the same time.









Chico, doing his ‘poor starving puppy’ imitation.














Ok, here is the funniest part about these guys. As I mentioned earlier in this post, Chico and Pucci are littermates. Diablo is the older ‘brother’ who already lived in the home for years before his little brothers came along. A friend of their mom’s said that the younger boys are like evil adopted stepchildren, and Diablo has to just tolerate them.

In all of his actions he acted like he didn’t know them. Chico and Pucci like to do some embarrassing things, so I can totally see why Diablo doesn’t want people to think they are together. Throughout our shoot their mom was describing the dynamics of their relationship, but I think this image explains it perfectly. Look at Diablo leaning away from the younger boys. The look on his face just slays me. Hee hee hee whoo hoo. 🙂








My favorite shot of Chico. Little vagabond alley dog. Love the green moss on the bricks.














Diablo was so easy to shoot. We stuck him in this planter and he was happy to just stay there and look up at me with his intense probing eyes.














In her paperwork, Chico’s mom said that people always think he is the cutest, and in this shot I can see why.














Love Pucci! Totally digging the puffer jacket and studded collar.










Hope you enjoyed my new chihuahua buddies!

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