Dozer ‘Flutter’ and ‘Whimsy’ decopaws

I forgot to post this art piece I did recently of Darling Dozer. I just received it back from my printer and am getting ready to stretch it and get it ready to mail.

It’s called ‘Dozer Flutter’.














Also, since you my dear blog audience might find this interesting, here is my favorite proof I designed for them, called ‘Dozer Whimsy’. Usually my proof names are pretty boring, like “Bailey blue sky grass” or “Spot brown”, so I am trying to get better at coming up with more creative names.














And lastly, a photograph that Dozer’s mom sent me this week of him playing tennis (ok, actually they were playing tennis, he was watching). So cute! Love Dozer. 🙂











If I don’t have time to write again tomorrow have a really terrific Thanksgiving!

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