New Decopaw art proofs: Jamila, Chula and Inji

As promised, I am posting some art proofs I recently finished that were gifts for the recipients.

The art canvases now live in their new homes so there is no fear of ruining a surprise. Yay.

Each of these was created from a pre-existing photo, which goes to show that with enough loving care in photoshop, magical things can happen.


Chula. He lives in San Francisco, my very favorite city. I am hoping that someday I can go down and visit his parents and see his art hung on their wall. His piece was done totally on the sly as gift from Chula’s mom’s sister.

Chula’s original image:

Jamila, Chula’s brother. Such a handsome boy with those golden amber eyes. He looked a little bit sleepy in the original photo so I opened up his eyes a bit more.

Jamila’s original image:

Inji, an adorable local gal. I really like the colors in this one. Normally it’s tough to pair blue with a yellow-based green but it works here.

Inji’s original image

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