Tara & Murdoch- funny labs

Tara & Murdoch were photographed recently at their home near Northgate.

As most labs are, they were a ton of fun to shoot. Tara is the outgoing, goofy one with the blonde hair, and Murdoch is the dark, brooding boy who kind of reminded me of Eeyore. Awesome dogs, both of them.

When I saw these series of shots of Tara, I instantly thought of my buddy Ramone, photographed earlier this year. They would make a very cute couple.






The shot below reminds me of why, even though most of what I do is color, I do still love black and white pet photography.











I just want to reach out and give Murdoch a big hug in this next shot. He is just as sweet as he looks.














gawd he’s cute.














perfect visual depiction of their different personalities.














Like most self-respecting labs, Murdoch lovvves his ball! Check out shot #2- I fear for the ball.











More pug photos to come soon! I had the serious pleasure of shooting two more puggie pies today! That’s 4 in one week! And I got to shoot yet another pug two weeks ago. Can’t post him though because he is a surprise. 🙂

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