Seymour & Charlie- precious puggie pies!

These adorable pugs are Seymour and Charlie. Their shoot was last Friday, and I sent their mom her gallery link this morning. She said: “oh my goodness!!!!!! thank you! we love them :)” Yay.

I had so much fun shooting these guys! I know I always say that, because there is never a shoot where I don’t have fun, but these guys were special because they are pugs.

For those who don’t know, I adore pugs, and wanted to adopt one before Fergie came into my life. I still dream of having a gaggle of them someday. I’d like a black pug and a fawn pug and a mastiff. And an English Bulldog. And a French Bulldog. And another Fergie. And a bigger house. 😛

Seymour. A cutie-patootie.














Charlie. Very outgoing little guy, although he looks pretty mellow in this shot.














Goin’ for a walk and clearly having a good time.














“All the better to eat you with my dear” Seymour seems to be saying.














Wait- Charlie is a cutie-patootie too! He looks like he is being punished here, lol. Trust me when I say there are no punishments that take place in my photo shoots.














Normally I would take issue with the warm color balance in this next shot but I actually really like it.














Happy, running, playful, precious PUGS!














Love the little corkscrew tail on Charlie.














Ha! Can’t stop laughing! In this next shot, Charlie looks like he wants to kill me, but it’s just because his lips were stuck and I caught him turning his head toward me. Thank god for my fast lens! Hee hee hee…














Awww, and the little puggy paw-paw. And teeth. Two of my favorite things.














I personally find this next shot hilarious. Why? Look at the ground they are sitting on. The shot is totally tilted. But the boys’ heads are straight up and down, which means that they were tilted too. Too funny.














And one of my top favorites of them. There is something about a pug against a solid blue sky backdrop that I find immensely appealing.














Hope you enjoyed my darling new puggy friends!

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