Abby- Discovery Park

This fall has confirmed for me that without a doubt, fall is my favorite season.

I love the crisp, cool days, and the sunny blue skies contrasted with the warm tones in the leaves and the greens in the grass. Seattle is positively gorgeous at this time of year and I feel so lucky to live here.

The images below were from Abby’s shoot, done on a recent Saturday at Discovery Park. It was one of my favorite shoots ever, and as a photographer I was in heaven with the choices of backdrops.

Abby has the best family in the whole world, and I had a blast shooting them and Abby alike. They showed me all of their hidden spots that they like to take Abby every weekend, and I vowed that I would create my own rituals there with Fergie.

In fact, I had so much fun that day that after our shoot I promptly drove home, picked up the Fergster, and drove her back to Discovery Park, for her very first adventure there. We explored darn near every trail, romped through the tall grass, chased leaves through the air, and had so much fun we were there for nearly 2 1/2 hours! Man was I sore the next day, lol.

Anyway, here are some of my favorites from Abby’s shoot. Hope you like them!

The colors that day were so super crazy bright that even though I had my saturation setting on normal in my Canon, I still had to desaturate the images before posting them.














one of my favorite shots of her… I honestly can’t explain the softness in the image- it came out of the camera like that














the Olympic Mountain range in the background, fronted by Puget Sound










this was at the very edge of a heart-stopping drop-off. thankfully it was worth the shot.
























in front of a beautiful old church that is apparently slated for tear-down. So sad!!










My favorite shots- in the leaves.














and lastly, no Discovery Park shoot is complete without drinking from the water fountain!


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