Gus, Grace & Pez’ final Decopaw art triptych

I received the final canvas back today from my printer, just in the nick of time for the Crave show tomorrow.

Donna and I were putting the final touches on the final proof last Sunday night, and I have been waiting for it this week with baited breath.

It turned out fantastically. I wish I could describe in words how it looks on canvas, the online proofs just don’t do it justice. But I’m going to show it to you anyway! It’s awesome!! It’s called ‘Carnivale’. It is 20″ tall by 46″ wide- a big canvas!

The jacquard background was inspired by both Donna’s interior design in her home, as well as the custom couture gown she recently made for Merry McKaig, of PamperedPuppy fame.

The elements you see in the piece are special and unique to each dog: Gus has his favorite big red plastic ball that he carries everywhere with him; Grace, her adored garden glove, which, if you recall from a previous photo of her, sort of turns her into an imp when she has it, hence the ironic halo, and then Pez, with his favorite little stuffed purple zebra bear which doubles as a pacifier.

I love designing pieces that have really special touches like this that are meaningful to the animals in them. It just makes it that much more personal.

The ‘Carnivale’ piece will be going up at the Crave show tomorrow in the Primp Doggy booth, on a hand-forged metal stand, custom-made for the canvas art piece by Donna’s husband! The Primp Doggy booth is right next to the fashion show stage- a prime location I am told.

If you are looking for something fun to do this weekend and live in the Seattle area stop on by and say hi, check out the fabulous Primp Doggy goods, watch the canine fashion show, check out the ‘Carnivale’ Decopaw canvas triptych of Gus, Grace and Pez, and meet the Cowbelly mascot Fergie, who, by the way, will be modeling a Primp Doggy original in the fashion show; a wine colored faux leather vest with faux fur collar. Fergie is just as excited as I am!

Have a great weekend and hope to see some of you there!

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