Fergie’s favorite: Bella Bean leashes and collars

As a visual artist I am very picky about how things look aesthetically, and this carries over to what my dog wears. She has had nothing but the finest leashes and collars, from the coolest little companies, which she promptly destroys with her tomboy behavior at the dogpark, lol.

In any case, I keep trying to get her the prettiest collars, and figure that spending $35+ per collar per year is worth it to keep her looking good.

Her (and my) favorite leash & collar brand thus far is a company called Bella Bean Couture. They are hard to find at stores in Seattle, but can be purchased at Lucky Dog Outfitters in Tacoma (253- 274-9663), and of course online.

Fergie wears the Modern Loop in Espresso, a gorgeous combination of purples, oranges and pinks set against a chocolate brown background. Not too girlie but not masculine either. Just perfect for a ruff and tumble gal like Fergie.

My other favorites are: Changing Leaf in pine, Cupcakes, Modern Brocade, Poochie Prints, and Toadstool, pictured above, (sooo cute!).

Go check em out and get one for your own pooch!

photo copyright: Bella Bean Couture

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