Lulu & Oliver- little ‘beasties’

I have been wanting to share these images for a couple of weeks now, but have been swamped with shoots and art proofs, so I am making it a goal to try and catch up on blogging, and post some content-rich posts this next week, starting with these guys tonight.

This is Lulu and Oliver. Some of you may recognize them. They are the August models in my 2007 Decopaw art calendar. I had never actually met them in person, havingworked with a pre-existing image for their (2006) art piece, so this was the first time I had the pleasure of actually shooting them.

They were 2 of my attendees at my last Beautiful Beasties event at the Pike Place Market. I had a blast during our shoot and was thrilled to finally see them ‘live and in person’.

It’s always so remarkable to me to see a dog or cat in person after spending hours working up their static image into art. I have that static image firmly ingrained in my brain, and when I see them moving, and being animated, and ‘live’ it is always such a trip, and just awesome!

Here are my favorite shots of Lulu & Oliver:

Oliver, on Rachel the pig, with a really funny look on his face (yeah, he’s saying “what is wrong with you human people”, lol). I love the guy on the right. The people in these Pike Place shots always make them more dynamic.












Lulu looking like a little vagabond alley dog. I love shots like this. Cute little dog in the big, tough city.














Dancing Dogs. Normally I’d toss a shot like this, but I think it’s cool.














I personally love the kind of weird, abstract black and white images. The shots that usually only appeal to me, lol.














Who ever knew such a little dog would have such a big, long tongue?














I LOVE the following shot of Lulu. Believe me when I tell you I have had dreams about it. Why do I love is so much? Let me count the ways:

  1. the color of the sky
  2. the flowing shapes of the clouds
  3. the pastely-cyan-grey colors of the buildings, sky and waterfront
  4. the serene look on Lulu’s face
  5. the way the scene draws you in to her eyes (and nose. and cute little mouth.)










I was using a new filter for my camera that day, and it did really cool things to the colors. Speaking of filters, I never mentioned this, but I did a really stupid thing recently. During my shoot with Dozer at Gasworks park, I set my camera down on the grass (why? I don’t know- because I’m an idiot I guess), and stepped backwards ONTO MY CAMERA. I cracked the filter, necessitating a quick trip to Glazers on a Saturday afternoon (a horrible time to go there), to pick up a new filter before my next shoot, which was just an hour later. Along with the basic glass filter I got my new fun one, and that is what I used here. I guess that after all was said and done, the filter cracking accident was worth it. 🙂










Hope you enjoyed Lulu & Oliver! 🙂

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