You’ve gotta have it: the 2008 ilee and Noisy Dog Studios letterpress calendars

Now, I know I don’t normally write posts that have nothing to do with pet photography, but in this case I just had to share my finds.

You see, late last year I went to a craft fair at the Seattle Center with a friend. It was my first foray into the world of handcrafted goods or ‘the Etsy set’ as I like to call them. Although I saw lots of cute things there, there really wasn’t anything I felt that I couldn’t leave without buying.

Except for one little letterpress calendar.

It was a beautiful calendar, with lovely simple graphics just like I like, and it was only $20, but I was feeling grumpy and tired and indecisive so left without purchasing it.

Of course, by the time I got home I was kicking myself, and spent the next year off-and-on searching for a copy of the much coveted, sold out desktop calendar.

This past weekend, I was blog-surfing, when I totally randomly stumbled upon the calendar I should have bought one year ago.

The calendar is made by a gal who owns a small local stationary company called ilee, and she sells her letterpress goods on Etsy.

Needless to say that when I stumbled on her calendar page I think it took me all of 10 seconds to put it in my shopping cart, pay for it, and input shipping info. I am thrilled it is on it’s way and can’t wait to receive it!

Click the graphic below to go buy the calendar. But don’t hesitate like I did! This cute little letterpress calendar is featured on tons of blogs, including apartment therapy, so it will sell out fast!













Now, if you have your heart set on a desktop calendar that speaks to your love of animals and art, check out the beautiful 2008 desktop calendar designed by my friend Leigh Jackson of Noisy Dog studios.

Leigh put together a beautiful grouping of dog paintings she did last year, and threw some incredible graphics in with the art, in the yummiest of colors, and is now selling them as the lovely Noisy Dog Studios 2008 desktop Calendar. Click on the graphics below to go buy.














Lastly, if you’d like a really unusual and pretty way to display your new letterpress calendar, check out the desktop photo tree I recently purchased (also a long coveted item).











My favorite stores Uncommon Goods, Chiasso and Umbra no longer sell them, but after an extensive web search I found them here: RevDesign

OR, if you’d like something with a bit smaller footprint, check out the Sputnik Photo Ball below (click on image to go to Well Dressed Home):











Now, go get that new letterpress desk calendar, put it in a cute photo tree on your office desktop, and Enjoy!!

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  1. -This is the cutest site ever. The pics here are amazing. Compliements to the photographer. & Love love love the pictures of the animals.

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