Deuce & Bylow’s Decopaw art was a huge hit!

These boys were one of the art commissions I mentioned I was working on for a birthday gift for my client’s boyfriend. I finished the art last week and it went off to be received by the birthday boy.

My client brought their dogs Deuce & Bylow to Seattle for a Decopaw sitting at Discovery Park in September, and we then designed the art to her specifications, keeping in mind what her beau would like best. She was going to be presenting him with the canvas in front of all of their friends at a big birthday party last week and I asked her to tell me how it went over.

Here is the art, and following it is her email to me the day after the party. This story is why I do this- I cried tears of joy when I received her email, and I think you will understand why when you read it.

Deuce & Bylow’s mom’s email to me, printed with her permission:

Of all of his gifts I had Jonte open the canvas last. As he was opening it he said “why is there a picture of a dog that looks like Bylow in here?” He then realized after opening the bubble wrap that it was Bylow! And Deucy! His first words were “wow”. Then he got teary eyed and asked me “are you trying to make me cry?” He just stood there and stared at it for like 10 mins! Everyone loved it! Jonte made a comment that this picture will be with him forever and that he can always remember his “boyz” no matter what by just looking at it and remembering their sweet faces. As soon as we got home he hung it on the wall, right in the entry way of our home. I wanted it in the living room, but he said he wants it right when you walk in, I guess to let people know whose house it really is! Then he got the camera out and took a picture of it! Then we spent the next 30 mins taking photos of us posing by it and including it in our background. We stayed up till 1:30am and Jonte kept telling me he had a great birthday, he even randomly yelled bursts of “I had an awesome birthday!” He was so happy!

Thanks Again Jamie!

AH- this made me cry again.

I am so incredibly fortunate that I get to do something that brings people so much joy, and keeps them connected to those special spirits that they love the most.

It makes me think of the special little things I have collected over the years- the handcarved Oaxacan antelope my dad surprised me with as a graduation gift after he saw me fawning over it in a shop in San Diego, the handprint plate from when I was 7, the beautiful hand-wrought flatware my best friend gave me. These are all things I have moved around with me and have treasured through the years, things that mean more to me than my fancy towels or shiny new computer. I like to think that the Decopaw art that I design for my clients becomes one of these ‘special treasured favorites’; little ‘treats’ that make life that much sweeter.

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