I wanted to share a couple of shots of Puccini from the weekend of 10/13.

His shoot was a sitting to get shots for the Decopaw art. Whenever I do these sittings I have to switch tracks in my brain from ‘regular’ dog photography to ‘dog photos for art’, which aren’t necessarily the same.

I ended up with several shots of Puccini that would make pretty prints, but not work so well for the art process, so I wanted to share those here.

Puccini is 14 years old going on 14 months, and one of the most interesting looking little guys I had ever met.














Puccini lives in the neatest little condo complex on the top of Queen Anne hill. It looks like something you would find in LA- a small grouping of early 20th century Spanish-style condos surrounding a pretty courtyard complete with fountain and palm trees. I fell in love with Puccini’s home and only wish I had taken more pictures of the complex. But alas, I was there for the pooch so my focus was on him (pun intended, ha ha ha).














Puccini was positively MAD for his frisbee. We had an absolute blast tossing it around for him. I’ve never seen a 14 year old dog move so fast.














Puccini was a former street doggie, and in the shot below he looks like a vagabond that just hopped off a train somewhere and landed on the doorstep of this home. He is so cool….














I will try and remember to post Puccini’s art proofs here when I am done.

Hope you enjoyed this little guy and are having a fabulous Monday! It’s sunny in Seattle- whoopee! 🙂


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