Ollie & Gunther Decopaw proofs

These sweet english bulldog boys are an art project I have been working on recently from a pre-existing photo.

We are at the point for the Ollie & Gunther’s dad to decide which one he likes best, but before that, we are all waiting to hear back from his family and friends to get their vote. Then their dad will have a pow-wow with his wife to make the final decision. Who would have thought that dog art could be so complicated, lol?

Actually, this will be a fairly large (24×36) canvas, so the decision has to be a good one, because it’s going to be a fairly prominent piece of art in their home, that will last a long, long time.

Below are the 2 best of the 4 proofs I designed, and if I had to guess I would say that they’ll go with the sunset + grass proof.

Which one do YOU think they’ll pick? And why?

I’ll post the final here once the decision has been made.














This one below is my favorite. I love the colors and the overall feel of the art, and for selfish reasons I would love to see what it would look like on a large canvas.










original image- supplied by my client. Because of the perspective I had a hard time determining what the difference in size (if any) was between the dogs, so I’m hoping I got it right in the proofs. If not I can shrink or enlarge either pooch.











Also, my apologies for not posting more Decopaw art here recently. I have been working on quite a few projects that are gifts for people, and am paranoid about giving away surprises. Now, I know the chances of the recipients stumbling on my blog are slim to none, but given my luck, it would happen. It happened once before and once was enough!

I have a friend of a client who is actually on her way to my office right now to pick up a canvas gift for my client’s boyfriend’s birthday, which is today, and they are holding a party for him tonight. I can’t wait to hear his reaction and have promised to post the proof here after he receives it so stay tuned!

So hopefully in the coming weeks I can start posting proofs I did for clients, once those gifts have been received.

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