Gus, Grace & Pez + Primp Doggy

These pawsitively poochalicious dogs have appeared in a couple of my recent posts, and here are more shots to really whet your whistle.

They are owned by the fabulous Donna Angevine. Now, normally I don’t mention my client’s names in my posts, but I am here because I am urging you to go and check out Donna’s amazing business, Primp Doggy

Donna designs high-end fashions for canines. These are not your typical frilly low-quality frocks, these are super high-quality garments designed with every dog need in mind. They are made from the most stylish materials (my favorite is the Carnival Days) and use easy-on easy-off velcro instead of going over the head.

Donna is commissioning me to design a triptych canvas Decopaw art piece from her poochies’ pics, not unlike this one of Max:

(btw: I spelled triptych wrong on my website- duh)

The finished piece will be hung at the Primp Doggy booth at Seattle’s CRAVE show in November

As if I am not excited enough about this project, Donna has asked Fergie to be a model at the Crave show. She is custom designing clothing for Fergie, including a faux leather coat! Normally I am not a big dog clothing lover, but Primp Doggy’s designs are so beautiful, and cool, and high-quality that I’m totally sold. I can’t wait till the show on the 3rd!

To make things even better, Donna has the most awesome dogs ever. You’d think that a gal who designs couture dog wear would have a bunch of little dogs- like papillons or chi-poms or maltipoos. But no- she has a great pyranees mix and a great dane mix and a Boston Terrier. Guess who is who. 🙂














Donna designs the cutest dog collars and bowties, and she had the boys wear the collars for a few of our shots.














normally I’m not wild about shots taken looking down on the dog, but Gus kept looking at me with this look on his face and I just had to capture it.














filming for the documentary. Gus was totally entranced with my stinky treats, and oblivious to the ‘big’ camera.














shake shake shake, shake shake shake…..














there is nothing better on a beautiful day than rolling around in the grass. I felt so honored that Grace let me get this close to her and felt this comfortable with me. She was abused in her past life, so much so that she is very timid around newcomers, and usually won’t even get near them. I think she figured out pretty quickly that I was in love with her, so let her guard down and had some fun.












this is funny. Grace looks like she would take your hand off if you reached for her glove she is chewing on, but she is just the sweetest, shyest dog.














chewing on gloves is hard work. must rest now…










how cute is Gus? LOVE his ears.














and yep- you guessed it- this last shot will be used for our Decopaw triptych. That’s Pez on the left, and Gus on the right, and grace in the middle with her glove in her mouth (we are using a different shot of her for the art). Too cute. Can’t wait till we are done!











Hope you enjoyed these shots of Gus, Grace and Pez! And hope to see some of you at the Crave event on November 3rd!

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