Gus, Grace & Pez sneak peek

First, I have to say, this is my favorite time of year to photograph outdoors. I love the fall, and the colors on the leaves are just gorgeous.

I just came from a shoot on the top of Queen Anne, and when I was on my way there it was foggy and sunny, with a peekaboo blue sky; a beautiful contrast to the bright colors of the leaves and rich green grass.

Here is a sneak peek at the furry kids I photographed last Friday- the shoot that was filmed for the American Dreamer documentary. I promise to post more of these guys and the fabulous (!) business their mom owns, at a later date.

I’d post more today but I want to get some client work done in my office so I can get back outside and enjoy the weather! Hope you are having a stellar weekend!

From L-R: Pez, Grace and Gus. Gus may look familiar from the photo of him a few days ago being filmed.










And Grace, chewing on her favorite garden glove, which wasn’t much of a glove once she was done. 🙂


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