more Samson

Here are some more shots of Sampson, taken last week at Parson’s Garden Park, a very pretty Seattle park overlooking puget sound and downtown.

Sampson was a big time joy to shoot. I adore big lumbery labs and this is exactly what this guy was like. And like Dozer, Sampson loved to play, so as you can see from his shots, I took full advantage of that.

I laughed harder during Sam’s shoot than I have in awhile, which should be pretty self-evident from the photos.


Such a handsome boy….














throughout the shoot Sampson was essentially using his mom as a prop to get closer to me and any fun thing (treat, toy) I might wish to give him.














case in point in these next shots. Sampson decided to stand all of his 85 black-labness on his mom’s lap while I was shooting them together, and was pretty much oblivious to the fact that she was dying underneath him. We were all laughing so hard I had a hard time photographing. Sampson rules. 🙂







like any self-respecting lab he was all about having fun and playing, one of the reasons why I love labs so much, because I myself am all about having fun and playing. I like to think that comes through in my photos.














weird angle on this next one, but I love the composition of his parents in the background, and him looking at me sideways as he runs.














how cute (and HAPPY) is he? 🙂














wheeee……… I could take shots like this all day….














but alas, I hold myself back so I can get some more ‘regular’ doggie photos, like this one of Sam in front of a beautiful patch of flowers. It was sprinkling during our shoot and that water is just what those flowers really needed to pop, not to mention keep growing! Yay for rain!










I really love this shot of Sampson taken underneath a big old tree with a huge trunk and fabulous twisty branches. This was a very hard shot to get technically, as it was a black dog in the shade, taken at a low angle underneath branches alternating with white sky, without a flash. I think I snapped a good 8-10 frames before I got this one. It was worth it.














and one of the last shots of the shoot, what I am now calling the ‘Russian hat’ shot. It reminds me of the photo of Kosmo below. Love the happy accidents!














Sam and Kosmo are both in the ‘Russian hat’ club, hee hee hee….


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