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I finally carved out a little chunk of time today to post some more shots of darling Dozer. I have been super busy this week with both client work and a special film project I am part of, which I will post more about later today.

For now I need to get some prints off to clients, and reply to the emails overflowing my inbox!

Hope you enjoy Dozer. His shoot was last Saturday at Gasworks Park, where we had a fabulous time. My favorite part was when he realized I wasn’t just there to shoot him, but that I actually wanted to play with him as well! And playing while shooting is the very best kind of dog photography, IMO.

P.S. Normally I take the time to clone out leashes from my blog images but today my client work takes priority!

Dozer was super active, as most 5 month old puppies are. He was all over the place, and reminded me so much of Fergie at 6 months old it was uncanny. I loved his unbridled spirit.














Shortly after we arrived he decided it was grass munching time. His mom told me he had had an upset stomach, so I decided to help him by hand-feeding him (hey- what’s a pet photographer for, lol).














Five minutes later and he wasn’t feeling so hot (love the bitter beer face)


five minutes after this shot he barfed up his grass. but 10 seconds after THAT he felt great and promptly ran down the hill to play with another puppy.














This is possibly one of the oddest angles I have ever gotten on a dog shot. That’s me there on the right, jeans and black sneaks. That’s Lake Union water you see at the bottom of the frame. I love the shot for how Dozer is looking at me. Man he’s cute….














One of my main goals in shooting Dozer was to capture those bits of him that make him who he is as an individual- his ‘unbridled spirit’ as I referred to above, and also his ears. His mom had told me ahead of time about Dozer’s ears, and how they both seem to do their own thing, and she really wanted that captured in our shoot because it really speaks to his personality. I was happy to oblige.














Speaking of his unbridled spirit. I absolutely love playing with dogs while I shoot them, and I hope it shows. 🙂














go ahead and jump on me- I love you too…














comin back down…














owww, puppy teeth














Dozer fiercely guarded the shore from any suspicious kayakers…














one tossed an apple core ashore to appease the savage beast. Dozer wasn’t taking the bait














one of my favorites of him- watching the kites fly over the park. How cute is he? 🙂














and lastly, one from the outtakes. I didn’t put these shots in my client’s gallery, for a variety of reasons. But I love the shots so much because this was the first point in the shoot that Dozer trusted me and got close to me. I love how he is standing right next to me in the last shot looking out at the water. It fills me with joy.








hope you enjoyed darling Dozer!

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