Emma & Vegas Decopaw proofs

I finally finished designing adorable Emma and Vegas’ Decopaw art proofs. Emma’s mom (Vegas belongs to her friend, and will be having me do art later on), wanted simple design proofs in warm tones that go with the colors in their home.

These are my 3 favorite proofs, although I might like to see some green or something in the last ‘berry’ proof.

These will be hung in a row as a triptych of canvases, in the order you see them below, with the middle proof of Emma with her head cocked the biggest canvas of the 3.

Emma’s mom will be getting back to me shortly on what she’d like in the way of changes made to each proof. There are 3 different color versions for each of the above proofs, and I decided to throw in the bar elements to make the simple proofs a little bit more dynamic.

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