This special little guy is Monty. He is a German Shorthaired Pointer + pitbull mix puppy. We did his shoot at Discovery Park last week where it is clear to see Monty had a fabulous time. I did too. 🙂

Enjoy. 🙂

Discovery Park is a beautiful place for pet photography. Monty’s dad knows of a little-known hidden area in the grass that is perfect for dogs to run around in.














I have gotten lots of fun shots of dogs at the water fountain at Discovery Park, including this hilarious one of Monty hugging the base as he slurped up the water. At first he wasn’t sure about the fountain, until I held him up to get a drink, and then he was totally sold on it as you can tell.














In the shot below you can just feel the coolness of the green grass contrasted with the hot day. I picture all kinds of little bugs and earthworms making their homes in there.














I am always irritated with myself when I discover there was something on the lens that I didn’t notice during the shoot, until I realize that what I am seeing is actually a bug…














I was pretty thrilled with the shot below because when I met Monty in the parking lot I knew that the best way to capture who he really is is to get him in action. This little guy has lots of energy, is positively obsessed with his ‘bird’ and is a true hunting dog genetically. If ‘leaping through the air after bird decoys’ was an olympic sport, Monty’s skills would be legendary.










….and another one that totally cracks me up…. wheee!













and no good summer shoot is complete without a trip to the beach….














Hope you enjoyed Monty’s images as much as I enjoyed taking them!

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