cowbelly screensavers

I have been enjoying creating screensavers for clients recently. Each of my feature shoots comes with several custom designed screensavers from each client’s favorite images and colors.

While it seems such a little thing, if you are like most people and spend a lot of time sitting in front of your computer, a pretty screensaver goes a long way in beautifying your daily life, and helping you stay connected to your truest of furry loves.

This is what my mac desktop currently looks like, with a screensaver of my own furry true love Fergie on Double Bluff beach on Whidbey Island. 🙂










PawsWalk update: we had a blast last weekend and I am working on getting the images online. I promise to put a post up before the weekend with both a link to the gallery of all of the event photos + the photos from the City Dog cover model search.

Stay tuned!

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