Nikki Decopaw art

This darling girl is Nikki. Her mom commissioned me to create a quad art piece for her recently because Nikki is sick. She is only 4 years old and has a terminal illness.

We did a decopaw sitting at her house a couple of months ago and the canvas is now ready to ship to her mom, who tells me that Nikki isn’t doing well. My heart goes out to the sweet girl and she is on my mind this week so I wanted to post her art for all to see and think warm thoughts about this special creature who really touched my heart.

Sadly Nikki is one of many young dogs who have passed this year whose likenesses I have designed art from. It’s so heartbreaking for me to think about an animal in pain or nearing the end, but I do feel grateful (and incredibly honored) that I have the opportunity to create something special for their owners, something that reflects not only the style and preferences of the owner, but also speaks to the spirit of the animal. I have long believed that the art and photos are a touching way to stay visually connected to our animal family members long after they have passed.

Memories are fluid, and fleeting, but images last forever.

When I am not feeling so fragile emotionally I will create a 2nd post, a special tribute, dedicated to the pets I know who have passed this year.

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