Fergie’s friends

This is day 4 of Fergie week, and we are really looking forward to splitting town this weekend and taking a mini-break up on the Olympic Peninsula.

Given that I average 60-70 hours of work per week, every week, rarely take days off and haven’t had a vacation on over 2 years, any time off is greatly appreciated and savored. I love my job but sometimes it’s nice to relax as well. 🙂

I planned to tell you Fergie’s likes and dislikes today and share some of her friends with you. I realized that I ended up sharing many of her likes yesterday, so I will keep that list short. I also have very little time to write as I need to get work done for clients so I can take 3 days off this weekend and not end up overwhelmingly behind.

Fergie’s likes, loves and dislikes.


Tennis balls, mud, playing really rough, when people blow in her face, getting tummy rubs, stinky venison treats, any toy by Orbee, her grandpa Larry, running as fast as the wind, bananas, and lots more.


escalators, strange and/or drugged out people (it scares her), harnesses that need to go over her head, dogs that bite at her ankles and/or butt, dogs that steal her ball, people who yell (it scares her too), and that’s really all I can think of!

Fergie’s favorite places to go are the dog parks.

Our faves are the Belltown offleash park, which is just 5 minutes away from us by car. If we get there right at 6pm we can find parking within 2 minutes or less.

And Golden Garden’s dog park, which we have been going to quite a bit lately just to change things up a bit.

Golden Garden’s OLA is very pretty- nestled in super tall trees, with a peekaboo view of the sound and Olympic Mountains. It’s plenty large and there’s lots of room to play and tons more to run and run.

Here are some of Fergie’s friends from Belltown:

Fergie & Biscuit, waiting for the same tennis ball




















































Fergie’s tennis balls are always in high demand for reasons I don’t fully understand…















Syd & Wyatt











Hope you enjoyed Fergie’s friends!

Tomorrow I’ll share why I love Fergie so much (for the 1.2 people that haven’t picked this up yet from my blog this week), and my thoughts on the human-animal bond.

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