8 random facts about Fergie + PawsWalk

Before Fergie shares with you 8 random facts about herself, I am excited to announce that I just joined Team Urban Beast for the annual PawsWalk next month!

By walking with our friends and family in the fun event on Sunday September 8th at Magnusun Park we are helping to raise much needed funds for the terrific Progressive Animal Welfare Society- the very place that rescued Fergie and brought us together.

Please support this fantastic nonprofit organization by visiting my personal team page and making a donation. Please click this link to go to my homepage:

Support PAWS in honor of Fergie

Now, as promised for day 3 of Fergie Week, I have interviewed Fergie to tell me 8 random facts about herself, and here are her answers, as told by her. Pardon the poor spelling and grammar but Fergie is only 2.

1. when i get really excited and chase my toys like the green dinasore, my pupils in my eyes get really big and round.

2. last summer at the dock dogs event in a place called pee-yew-allup, i jumped 18 feet into the water off the dock. my mom jumped up and down and screamed and laughed. i don’t why, but it was fun.

3. my very favorite person in the whole wide world is my grandpa larry. he is always really nice to me and lets me do whatever i want, like jump on top of him. when i jump on top of my mom she gets a bad look on her face.

4. i eat lettuce.

5. my favorite thing to do is after my mom gets up to go potty in the morning and when she comes back to bed and snuggles with me under the covers and we can sleep like that and she rubs my tummy.

6. when i was 7 months old i chewed through the string of my mom’s office toy and she was so sad she went in the bathroom and cried.

(Addendum. The ‘string’ of the ‘toy’ that Fergie chewed through was actually the cable to my graphics tablet that I use to design art and edit photos. The cable is hardwired so it became inoperable after she had her way with it, effectively killing the large print order that was due for a client’s birthday present the next day. I cried because I was so mad I didn’t know what to do, lol.)

7. i’m really good at shaking and can shake with each paw. but i’m even better at high five. except i use both of my paws at the same time. that always gets me treats. i like the smelly kind.

8. i wag my tail in my sleep.

So there you go- 8 random facts about Fergie, as told by Fergie herself.

And if I might add to it, here are some more things you probably don’t know about her.

She turned 2 on July 6th.

She, by my best educated guess, is a Rhodesian Ridgeback/Lab/Pitbull mix, in that order.

No she doesn’t have a ridge, and no she doesn’t eat small children. Yes she loves water, and yes she will fetch until she dies.

She is a natural born agility dog and is always the fastest dog at the dog park not including the whippets and greyhounds.

She cocks her head predictably when you say her name or any of her favorite phrases: “doggies”, “park”, “do you wanna…?” “grandpa”, “grandma”, “ride”, “hungry”, and “treat”.

When I first brought her home when she was just a pup, she would lay on my bed when I was reading, curl up on the pillow next to me and prop her little head on the edge of my pillow, facing the same direction, breathing in my ear. She would always let out a long sigh and nestle her little head deeper into the pillow, never touching me, not wanting be petted, but as close as possible to my head.

She can totally ruin a stuffed animal in seconds flat, ripping out guts and eyes and noses. She can make a room look like a snowstorm hit in 3 minutes or less.

She HATES wearing things on her head, things that go over her head, anything to do with her head. She also strongly dislikes wearing clothing or any kind of accessory besides a collar. She prefers to be naked as much as possible.











She is INSANE for tennis balls. Like she mentioned above, when she gets really excited her pupils dilate, her eyes get big and round, and her body shakes. I call her my crack baby.














Fergie would chase balls until she died.

There is only one thing that Fergie loves more than tennis balls and that is mud.










And lastly, Fergie regularly lays with her legs straight out behind her like this:














I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about the Cowbelly Pet Photography mascot Fergie! And she hopes to see some of you at the PawsWalk next month! If you have any questions about the event feel free to shoot me an email and ask: info at cowbelly dot com

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