Now for some much needed levity on this blog. 🙂

I can’t think of anything that makes me happier right now than looking at darling Karma’s photos from our shoot at the gorgeous Olympic Sculpture Park on Seattle’s waterfront on Friday (my new favorite place for pet shoots). This summer hasn’t been exactly the warmest or sunniest on record but man did we luck out with the weather- yipee!

Warning: this post will make you want to run right out and get yourself a Dogue de Bordeaux puppy! Karma is one of the cutest puppies I have ever seen, and is an a close race with Daphny for the title of cutest puppy ever. I don’t have words to describe how cute she is so hopefully the pictures will speak for themselves.















Karma is a 4 1/2 month old purebred Dogue de Bordeaux, otherwise known as a French Mastiff.














Karma is already 45 pounds at just 4 1/2 months. She should grow to be about 150 pounds.














She has lots of puppy wrinkles














She has a fantastic, laid back, mellow temperament and is very lovey.














She has already graduated from puppy kindergarten and knows all of her commands AND actually responds to them. How many 4 month old puppies do you know who can do that?

This is about the fastest she will move, which is to say- not very fast, lol.














This shot totally cracks me up big time. She was sitting between my legs at the park and just being super curious and really expressive. If I had more time I would share the whole series…














Just like I have learned with my other puppies I have photographed, being a model is hard work, and does tend to make one awfully tired. 🙂
























Karma is the new baby sister to Kengo and Winston (l-r). Kengo is also a Dogue de Bordeaux. Winston is a pug. Their parents are getting married this December and they have asked me to come the night before and photograph their furbabies in their little wedding tuxes. I can’t wait! I love this family! 🙂














Hope you enjoyed the pictures of Karma!


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