Karma’s shoot is today!

I am getting ready to go meet Karma and her mom at the Olympic Sculpture Park on Seattle’s waterfront.

I am soooo excited for our shoot because I have been wanting to shoot Karma for months. Here is the darling girl:











Awwwwww… 😉

How cute is she???

She is a close runner-up to Daphny for ‘cutest puppy ever’

(photo care of her parents)

She is the new baby sister to Kengo and Winston, who I photographed last year at Gasworks Park:














Winston: pug, Kengo: Dogue de Bordeaux

Karma’s mom was trying to decide between doing a Decopaw art piece and a regular photo shoot and prints. Given that puppies grow so fast and we wouldn’t get a 2nd chance at a puppy shoot once she was grown, I recommended a photo shoot for Karma. That way if Karma’s parents want to do Decopaw art we will have the images of all of their kids to use anytime in the future.

I can’t wait to meet her- I love the Dogue de Bordeaux breed!

I’ll post pics of her next week. 🙂

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