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I am either an idiot or crazy or both. As if I don’t already have enough websites to manage:

I recently registered two more.

The first one is a necessity, and frees up room on my new website.

The domain is It will be used solely for information on my destination/special location shoots, such as the ones at the Pike Place Market and Pioneer Square, as well as retail partner locations, which are all now called ‘Beautiful Beasties’ regardless of their location. There was just way too much information to put on one page on my new site, so the beautiful beasties events will have a site of their own. It will be just a one-page site but it will make maintaining and updating the information much easier.

The second domain name I haven’t a clue as to what to do with. It was inspired by a hilarious travelogue titled ‘No Touch Monkey’. In the book the author (supremely talented Ayun Halliday) writes about her experiences in Pushkar India, where monkeys rule and dogs are their whipping boys. She befriended a small endearing dog at the hotel where she stayed and affectionately called him ‘Doggiepants’. Poor Doggiepants would get beat up on regularly by the monkeys and sought solace in the lap of the author. He sounded like the sweetest dog and the bond they forged really touched me. Since I read the book last year I haven’t been able to get the name doggiepants out of my head.

So of course, I did what any person would do, and registered it!
(Hey- I already put a disclaimer above questioning my sanity and intelligence!).

Here is the question- what do I do with it?

I can design and build whatever website I want, but I’d like it to meet the following criteria:

1. simple
2. straightforward- clear message
3. FUN
4. make people as happy as thinking about doggiepants has made me
5. not necessarily related to pet photography or dog art

Thoughts? Ideas? Comments? Suggestions?

What would you like to see me do with the name

Please leave your comment below and I will sincerely consider each and every one!

Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

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