Meet Kosmo.

He was the first attendee at the ‘Beautiful Beasties’ Urban Beast event a couple of weekends ago. As most goldens are, Kosmo was laidback, playful, and downright fun. Love Kosmo!

Kosmo gives good smile.














Kosmo looks like he is wearing one of those Russian hats with the sherpa ear flaps.














Kosmo loves to run and play.














Kosmo walks himself on his own leash (I swear- he really does!!).














Kosmo looks great in black and white.














Kosmo is a very HAPPY boy.

Side note: this shot personifies (or ‘dogonifies’?) the style of photography I love so much- what I like to call ‘Happy Pet Photography’. And they say dogs don’t smile, ha!










Kosmo is a super duper cutie-pie.










Kosmo really is as sweet as he looks. This shot is going on the homepage of my new website I am building for cowbelly.com.

Note to Linda: I picture Abby looking like this when she was younger. 🙂














If you look very closely in this shot you can see me in Kosmo’s eye. This is from the shot above of his ‘ear flap’ hat running shot. I was working my doggy magic to get some of my favorite action shots.














I will post more shots of other doggies from the Urban Beast event when I have more time and don’t wish to be in bed reading Dan Brown instead. 🙂

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