2 thousand people WOW!

some of you may have noticed a little hit tracker at the bottom of this blog.

I chart the numbers of hits the site gets, not in actual page loads or ‘hits’, but in the number of unique users (called unique IP addresses- with one IP address representing one computer).

I don’t chart the number of total hits because it doesn’t help me to know how many people have visited the blog, it only indicates how many pages, images, links, etc have been clicked. One person alone can generate a lot of hits.

So I record the # of people instead.

And right now I am 41 people shy of 2,000 people who have visited this blog since it’s inception last October- woohoo! And that’s without the use of RSS feeds!

(Side note: I can’t do RSS with blogger because I am using an external server and blogger doesn’t support us FTP people).

I am sure this is nothing compared to many (if not most) blogs but to me it means a lot to me, and makes me a very happy girl. ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks for following me!!


P.S. I had an incredible weekend with the Pike Place Market shoot and the Dane Outreach event and as soon as I am recovered (and after I reply to the 29 flagged emails in my inbox) I will post pictures!

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