Dog Names Book shoot at Westlake Park

I have been having so much FUN shooting doggies lately!

Last weekend I took over 2,000 photos. Two- thousand! WOOF!

I had barely recovered from Friday’s Whidbey Island trip when on Sunday I did the first Dog Names shoot for craigslist respondees, including the unbelievably adorable shepherd mix puppy ‘Riot’ below.


Let me explain. I have been working on a book project since early 2006. It’s a small hardcover gift book of dog photos, with a ‘Dog Names’ theme. The book is about 75% of the way done, and in fact the book proposal is done as well, I just need to get the last few images for it. The book is filled with super cool and unusual dog names and no less than 85 photos of 85 different dogs who also have super cool and unusual names.

However, since many of the dogs I have shot over the years have fairly common names, and hence don’t qualify to be in the book (so sad!), and I don’t believe in giving real dogs fake names, I was still in need of dogs whose names start with ‘rare’ letters, like ‘z’ and ‘x’ for example.

So I put an ad on craigslist a couple of months ago and got over 45 responses!

I did the first of several ‘craigslist’ shoots for the book this past weekend at Westlake Park (and Freeway Park) in downtown Seattle. The reason why I chose downtown to shoot is because after talking to a friend who writes for The Bark magazine and CityDog and Seattle Magazines, and also has a couple of dog-themed books published, she suggested I have a good (and wide) variety of shots, with varying backgrounds of varying breeds.

So that is exactly what I set out to do last weekend.

It was crazy to shoot dogs in the middle of downtown but it was a blast!!

Here are some of my favorite shots of each of my Dog Names subjects from Sunday. How awesome are these dogs!? πŸ™‚







I will post more as the project continues. πŸ™‚

Jamie Cowbelly

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7 thoughts on “Dog Names Book shoot at Westlake Park

  1. Love it! Yoshi never sits still, but she sat still for you! I love the middle picture, she has puppy dog eyes! Riot is just adorable!

  2. Thanks for the GREAT photoshoot with Yoshi! We all had a blast, especially Yoshi! These pictures look amazing, can’t wait to see the rest!

  3. thanks for allowing mancha an afternoon in the big city! we had fun, not to mention all those dog treats πŸ™‚ the initial photos are sooo cute- can’t wait to see the others.
    you’re awesome!

  4. You captured Xana’s lip snarl and smile,now that’s amazing. you’re quite the patient person. We had a good time gettng to know you as well. Thank you for your “extra” time.

  5. It was really great to hang out with you Jamie. I read your other blog and I see we share the same “other” dream “interior design” awesome. We love the shots of Xana-dew.The city outing was quite the big day for us all. Can’t wait to see more of your amazing work.
    Thank you for your extra time and patience.

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