Whidbey Island ROCKS!

Have you ever been to a place- on vacation, on a weekend away, on a day trip, that for the rest of your life you can remember with all senses- sight, smell, sound, feel, just by closing your eyes? Just thinking about the place transports you back there in the most wonderful and satisfying way?

Well, Fergie’s 2nd birthday on Friday on Whidbey Island was just that for me and my sister (and hopefully Fergie too).

The people we met everywhere we went were so incredibly friendly and wonderful- everyone seemed to be in a good mood and welcomed us to their island. And talk about dog Friendly! There were dogs everywhere! Many people stopped to talk to Fergie, including a super sweet couple in Langley who also own a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix and thought Fergie was great. They and all of the folks we ran into at the dog parks confirmed what I already guessed- Whidbey residents love their dogs.

We spent ample time at two of their best off-leash dog parks. The first was Margeurite Brons Memorial park, which is a beautiful park inland in the woods. As if the large grassy field wasn’t enough, there are 13 acres of off-leash trails through the woods, FULLY FENCED. Fergie had the time of her life blazing through the trails with her two new buddies. And their owner was just one of the nicest people you’d ever meet.

After playing in the woods for a couple of hours we headed into Langley, where we ate lunch at the Useless Bay Coffee company and had one of the best sandwiches I have ever had. It was a beef and blue cheese and red onion and spinach panini, with gooey cheese and a buttery crisp crust. Thomas Kemper cream soda and mediterranean olives rounded out the meal. Yumm! They have a huge dog friendly patio area in front surrounded by stunning flowers and gorgeous landscaping. It is the prettiest of places to have a delectable and relaxing lunch.

After we ate to our hearts content, and Fergie had her fill of lunch treats and h20, we headed over to Double Bluff beach, on the southwest side of the island.

Double Bluff beach has miles of off-leash beach, with acres of sand from the bluff out to the water. Fergie chased her tennis ball out into the crashing surf (waves from passing cruiseships), until she was shaking and panting. As an urban dog owner, it was really incredible to watch my dog run free as nature intended. And not in the few acres of off-leash park like you find in and near Seattle, but in MILES of park, with so much land your dog can’t possible cover it all. So much to sniff, so many things to explore. It was heaven for all of us.

And words can’t describe the beauty of the scenery on the island. From mossy woods and rolling green fields to wide open blue sky and sandy beaches, the island is just gorgeous. As a photographer I was in heaven being there and photographing my pooch. It makes me VERY excited about the photography event I have planned for the exact same itinerary on August 18th. If you read my blog and haven’t had your dogs shot yet I strongly recommend taking advantage of this opportunity. Please contact me at 206-335-8096 for details.

Here are some of my favorite shots from Friday:








































I truly believe this was the best day’s of Fergie’s young life so far, and without a doubt I will take her back there again.

It was truly one of the best days I have had in a long time, and in fact my sister loved it so much she even sent me an email thanking me later that night and telling me what an incredible time she had.

As for Fergie, well she has been pretty much horizontal for the past two days, dreaming the best of doggy dreams she could possibly have. 🙂

Whidbey Island we will be back!

Jamie Cowbelly

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2 thoughts on “Whidbey Island ROCKS!

  1. We live in Bellevue and have been looking for a day trip that would be a treat for our 3 dogs. I am so happy to have come across your page. Your wonderful descriptions & pictures make this trip a no brainer. We are looking forward to visiting the Island & it’s off leash-parks. We even know where to grab a bite! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful day, Jamie. I love the pics of Whidbey and Fergie. She is such a cutie pie…really like the one of her standing in the water.

    Emmett had to go back home last night. James and I really miss him!

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