So sad to be so behind on my blogging!

I caught a nasty head cold/cough thingy after my arist’s reception that I swear was trying to kill me. For 10 days I envisioned the little buggers that were causing my misery, just partying it on down inside my head. I tried to rid the little suckers with regular doses of theraflu but they hung on. Even now 11 days after getting sick I still have to carry a large box of kleenex everywhere I go! (Damn those bugs).

BUT, I am feeling well enough to give my darling ‘dog-ter’ a birthday tomorrow she will never forget.

Fergie turns 2 tomorrow (yay Fergie!!), and we are spending the day up on Whidbey Island, one of Washington State’s finest in the San Juan Islands. And pretty? Oh my goodness is it pretty! I am totally bringing my camera!

We will spend the day at two different dog parks and have lunch at a dog friendly cafe halfway between.

The first dog park, Margeurite Brons, is inland, and along with a large field to romp in, contains trails that go through no less than 13 acres of woods. Off-leash!! Woohoo!

The 2nd OLA is Double-Bluff park, which is right on Puget Sound facing West. After heading north on the beach a ways (past all of the signs saying ‘not to the off-leash part yet!’), you get to the off-leash part of the beach, which stretches on for 1 mile. Sand, surf, crabs, more sand, more crabs. Doggy paradise!

We will split the day in half with lunch and doggy biscuits a dog-friendly cafe in Langley.

I am sooo excited and just know this will be the best day of Fergie’s whole year. I really need a mini-break as well so am very (very) much looking forward to it.

Here is my girl looking as happy as I know she will be tomorrow:

I promise to post the pictures from the trip here after I get back!

Hope everyone has a terrific weekend! 🙂

Jamie Cowbelly

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