New Decopaw art piece- Sasha Winter Sky

I have been furiously playing catch up with art commissions this weekend, annoying friends and family who call and say “let’s go play!”. I say “no! I have work to do!” I love what I do and they don’t seem to realize for me that work is play, lol.

So I have been trying to catch up on art commissions, which I have fallen behind on the last couple of weeks while caring for a sick relative and taking care of some marketing projects. My apologies to Sasha’s mom and Lucy’s T.’s dad and Kiera’s mom and Gizmo’s dad, and Lucy K.’s mom. Oh- and Carlos’s mom! I swear I will have his canvas ready this week!

I just finished the proofs of Sasha for her mom. Sasha’s mom requested all warm colors, to go with Sasha’s fur colors. Sasha was a beautiful rottie who has sadly passed.

While playing around with the sliders in a gradient (which I often do), I stumbled upon a beautiful combination with Sasha. However, Sasha’s mom was pretty clear that she didn’t want any blue or green in the piece, so instead of selfishly putting a blatantly blue proof in Sasha’s gallery, lol, I decided to have it live here. ๐Ÿ™‚

I love this one as I think it has all of the visual drama that I normally think of when I think of rottweilers. Sasha was so beautiful (with a remarkably large head!), and I think the black of the trees and the hint of sunset provide a nice contrast to her black fur and auburn eyes.


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  1. LOVE this one, Jamie! It has a wonderful feel to it…and Sasha is a stunner. Nice work. xoxo

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