Lucky Dog Daycare photography event 6/16

I decided to put this post up just in case any of the folks who are signed up for my event at Lucky Dog Daycare in Tacoma on Saturday the 16th just happened to stumble onto the blog looking for information.

I would have posted this info sooner but we are still finalizing details. I swear whenever I work with Lucky Dog I am always late with the planning stage, lol.

I am very excited however as this will be the 11th (12th?) event I have done at Lucky Dog. I have done 10+ ‘Decopaw Daze’ events at Lucky Dog Outfitters and I just love Jen and Tara (the owners) and their customers.

What the event is:

Customer Appreciation Photography Event featuring the services of Cowbelly Pet Photography

Who is it for:

30 Lucky Dog Daycare patrons and their pooches

What is involved:

A mini shoot of/for each of the dogs owned by the ‘lucky’ daycare patrons signed up for the event

What time does it start?

The daycare has the list of the folks who are signed up, and what time their appointment times are. The first shoot starts in the morning and the last shoot ends in the late afternoon. Check with the gals at the daycare if you need to find out your appointment time.

What does it involve?

It will involve a documentary-style shoot of your pup in their favorite romping place- the daycare. We will take some outdoor shots on the playground, and in the yard, some indoor shots, some shots on the bus, whatever your pup likes. We can find out from Jen and Tara where their favorite spots are and what they love to do. We will be documenting “A Day in the Life of “YourDoggie” at Lucky Dog Daycare”. ๐Ÿ™‚

What is included?

As far as I know (and again, these details will be ironed out by weeks-end), each client will receive a free 5×7 print and have the option to purchase discounted print packages, plus a special offer only available to daycare patrons.

The whole process will be super easy and fun.

What should attendees do to prep?

Nuthin! Unless your pup has been rolling in goose poop, no preparations are needed. (Goose-poop rollers may want to get hosed down and spritz on some cologne first).

IF your pup is concerned with looking good for his/her photo shoot, he/she may wish to have a manicure, and spa treatment prior to the shoot (read: bath). They may even elect to bring a change of wardrobe if they are of the fashion-minded canine set (read: cute outfits, hats, etc). If they are concerned about being anxious for their big moment, they may wish to go for a short run to blow off some steam so they can be nice and relaxed for the shoot.

What should attendees (doggy parents) do during the shoot?

Again- nuthin!

The best shots come when there is the least amount of involvement from the parent. Sorry- I know this sounds terrible but it’s true, lol!

The rules are basically: don’t call or say your pups name. Don’t make hand-gestures to get your pup’s attention. Don’t worry if it looks like it is taking longer than it should, or if you think they aren’t doing something they should be doing or are doing something they shouldn’t be doing. Don’t worry about me getting frustrated- it rarely happens.

Your job is just to relax and watch and have fun and watch your pup shine!

If I need your help I will be sure to ask for it. If I need to place you in a certain spot I will give you direction. If I look confused, it’s just because I am visualizing the next shot. (I tend to look like a deer caught in the headlights when trying to envision something, lol).

What if I have more questions that aren’t answered here?

Please don’t hesitate to ask! Feel free to email me anytime at

And by all means feel free to get excited about the event- you (and your pups) deserve it!

Looking forward to meeting you! ๐Ÿ™‚

Jamie Cowbelly

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